20 Apps in 60 Minutes (for Educators)

This webinar featured 20 amazing applications for educators. We covered apps that increase student engagement, apps for you (and your students!) to create your own instructional media, and productivity apps to keep you focused and organized. All of the featured apps are free and cross-platform. Presentation sponsored by ALA University Libraries Section.

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Download the PowerPoint deck. Licensed under CC-BY-4.0. (Scroll down for SlideShare).


Featured apps

  1. Kahoot
    1. Example
  2. H5P
    1. Example 1 (Course Presentation)
    2. Example 2 (Course Presentation)
  3. Canva
  4. Microsoft Sway
    1. Example
  5. Adobe Spark
    1. Example
  6. Ludus
    1. Example
      (By Mel Milloway)
  7. IFTTT
  8. Plickers
  9. Padlet
    1. Demo Padlet (What’s your favorite app?)
      Padlet also embedded below
  10. Jing
  11. Shotcut
  12. Audacity
  13. EverNote
  14. Wunderlist
  15. Poll Everywhere
  16. Trello
  17. Slack
  18. Twine
    1. Example 1 (By Hodges University)
    2. Example 2
  19. Hypothes.is
  20. Socrative




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