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New to eLearning Development? Read this first!

There’s a lot to love about H5P. (Not the name. I can’t love the name H5P.*)

But the interactive tutorials you can make with H5P are amaaaazing. And – they’re OPEN SOURCE. Totally free, shareable, and editable by anyone!

Free is good. Open is better. And the best part – you don’t have to download any software. You can use to start creating content right now.

Get Stated with H5P


What can you create with H5P?

So much. Interactive videos. Memory games. Quizzes, drag-and-drops, timelines! See all the examples. These are all great for in-person or asynchronous activities. You can create them on H5P (just create a free account) and then link to them or embed them as iframes. There are also H5P plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Moodle (in Moodle you can use them as graded assignments!)

My favorite format is Course Presentation. This format is most like Storyline or Captivate, if you’re familiar with those. If you’re not, it’s like PowerPoint, but you can add interactivity and the learner navigates by themselves. Here’s an example of a Course Presentation:

Course Presentation

H5P is similar to the authoring software Captivate and Storyline, but the main difference is that H5P is limited in interactivity possible. H5P does have wonderful accessibility and responsive features that are often a big improvement over Storyline and Captivate! (Learn more about how these three software stack up!)

Get Started With H5P

First, head over to H5P and create a free account. You may also want to check out this excellent blog post by eLearning Coach Connie Malamed that gives more background about H5P.

It’s pretty easy to just dive into H5P, especially if you play around with the different formats before you dive into Course Presentations.

Video Tutorials

Here’s a great 10-minute YouTube video that will help you get started with H5P. And lots more on YouTube. (Unfortunately doesn’t have anything on H5P.)

Here’s a case study of a professor that used H5P modules to increase student engagement in a sports mechanics class.

H5P Official Tutorials

Here’s H5P’s official list of tutorials – they have a tutorial for every single content type!


Kristin Anthony did a really nice interview with Svein-Tore, the founder of H5P.

Using the Content You Created

You can create interactive content by adding the H5P plugin to your WordPressMoodle, or Drupal site, or you can create content directly on and embed it on your website.

Go Farther

Learn how to host H5P on your own (you have to have your own server and do some really minor html editing).


ANYONE can edit H5P, which is really the selling point of H5P. Many instructional designers work alone at their orgs and are pressed for time – but with H5P, you can hand off a project, and your client can make updates on their own! How fantastic is that?


*H5P stands for HTML5 Package. Exciting, I know.


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