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Recommended Blogs, Conferences, Podcasts, & Websites

Updated 3/15/19

Occasionally I get asked about what blogs I follow, what podcasts I listen to, what conferences I attend. I like keeping a leg in both worlds: libraries and the eLearning industry. This is especially important since I also teach in a graduate instructional design program.

Here’s a short list of my favorites:


  • Blended Librarian (for instructional design/online/eLearning librarians!)
    Especially great for periodic webinars – recordings are available online.
  • Experiencing E-Learning by Christy Tucker
    Christy is a freelance ID pro. She covers a wide range of topics on her blog, and usually includes wonderful illustrations to boot. She regularly offers a link round-up of interesting things to read.
  • Rapid eLearning Blog
    Articulate-centric, but also offers tons of freebies and ideas for any elearning developer.


Both of these are fairly expensive, but offer discounts if you work at a nonprofit. DevLearn gives you free registration if you present!

  • DevLearn
    Held every year in Las Vegas in the fall, this is a huge conference mostly geared to corporate ID and elearning pros. It’s slick but it’s expensive, even with the half-off for being an academic. Get a presentation accepted and get free registration!
  • ATD
    Also expensive, this conference features many speakers that are also authors. Basically every speaker is a total professional not only knowledgeable on their topic at hand, but very polished in their presentations. You can’t go wrong at this conference no matter what session you attend! Huge conference held all over the world once a year.

See more conferences that I recommend!


  • Dear Instructional Designer
    Lovely podcast by instructional designer Kristin Anthony covers a wide variety of instructional design and elearning topics and interviews with people in the field.
  • eLearning Coach 
    The original elearning podcast – ID pro Connie Malamed covers a wide variety of topics and interviews people in the field. Many podcasts have complementary blog posts, highly recommend.
  • Elearning Scenario Design
    New on the ID podcast scene, Anna Sabramowicz (of Broken Co-Worker fame) focuses on scenarios – how to do them, what they’re for. Episodes are short and personable.


The e-Learning Heroes Community has tons of great stuff. I especially enjoy their weekly challenges (someday I’m going to participate, I swear!) The community is run by Articulate, so naturally it’s Storyline-focused.

Nothing like this exists for Captivate, unfortunately!

  • e-Learning Heroes Community (Storyline)
    TONS of templates!
    For learning all that software! This is a paid subscription, but your workplace or local public library might offer access.