This project was for Cal State Fullerton’s Affordable Learning Solutions initiative. I developed a series of videos and wanted to organized them in a user-friendly interface that worked for both novices and those with a little knowledge on the topic.

I designed and developed the videos first in Camtasia, then developed the user-friendly interface in Articulate Storyline. Originally I had this set up as a bookshelf-style scenario, but was inspired to create more of a Netflix-like gallery that facilitates both a linear experience and the ability to jump around topics.

The ability to move left and right between slides is actually a hack – Storyline only allows one entrance transition to be attached to each slide. So, the sliding is actually an illusion. Can you guess how I did it? You can download the template to see!

Try it out!

Download the Storyline template.

  • Created With: Articulate Storyline and Camtasia
  • Format: Online Video Library
  • Creative Commons License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.